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Don’t Despair: Repair

It has become increasingly easy over the past few decades to purchase anything and everything and toss it out when it is no longer wanted. Throwaway culture has a big impact on people’s everyday lives without many of them realizing it. By repurposing and fixing old or broken items, it can save time, money and the environment. Depending on the materials involved, it is easy to find new uses for things.


Nowadays, many things are made either entirely from plastic or have plastic components. There are different kinds of plastics that can be repaired in different ways. Some things, such as a bent children’s toy, can be fixed quickly and easily. Place the toy in hot, but not boiling, water until it is malleable, bend it back into shape and promptly place it in a bowl of cold water to set. For heavy-duty, industrial or commercial items, it may be best to contact a professional who specializes in plastic welding repairs.


One of the most versatile materials to work with is wood. Using pallets to create furniture, wall hangings and planters are very popular. There are thousands of interesting ideas for decorative wood items, even candle holders can be made from wood with proper treatment. Dented and chipped figurines can be sanded down and repainted to look like new again.


Whether it’s a dingy silver tea set, rusty tools or a bunch of soup cans, there is something interesting to do with it. The dents in … Read More

The Costs and Benefits of Automation

From assembly lines in large-scale industry to the dry cleaning conveyor system at the local cleaners, automation is everywhere. Workers, employers, experts and consumers have much to debate about what this means for them—what is gained, what it costs and where the costs will fall. It’s not necessarily all doom and gloom, though. Here are some aspects to consider as automation enters your business.

Not Just Robots

Automation technology is already present for many businesses—even if it doesn’t look like it. At its core, automation is about reducing or eliminating the need for menial tasks so that human efforts can be better utilized. This includes software systems, both customer-facing and internal, that ease management and workflow. Recognizing this can help reduce the shock of transition into more visible automation.

Changing Context of Labor

The common fear of “robots stealing jobs” comes from the idea that manual labor—and the humans that perform it—will be supplanted. This isn’t necessarily the case, though. For many tasks, automation aids, rather than replaces, human labor. Others are unlikely to be fully automated anytime soon because of associated costs and human skills being irreplaceable. Some new jobs will even arise to supervise automation and maintain it when it can’t maintain itself.

The Need for Continued Learning

The transition is often not seamless, of course. While some forms of automation are practically invisible, others require workers to develop new skills to manage and interface with the technology. This skill gap has already come to … Read More

3 Reasons To Hire a Professional IT Company for Your Business

Information technology (IT) is one of the most vital elements needed to run a business. With an IT system, you can research to stay ahead of your competitors, communicate well with your clients and serve your customers efficiently. However, for all these things to happen, your system must be functioning optimally. Instead of taking care of the IT system yourself or hiring in-house staff to do it, the wisest decision is hiring a professional IT management company. Let’s look at four reasons why.

1. It’s a Cost-Effective Solution

Save the costs of hiring in-house staff by hiring high-quality custom IT services Los Angeles from a reputable company. IT management companies typically charge a monthly fee that both small and medium businesses can afford. 

2. You Get 24/7 Support

In-house IT staff may only be available when your business opens. But what will happen if something occurs during weekends or late-night hours? Your business operations may be kept on hold until your staff can resume work. However, by delegating the monitoring and maintenance task to a managed service provider, you gain access to a 24/7 team.

3. You’ll Have Access to New Technologies

The IT industry is always evolving. Newer and better technologies are emerging every day to make work easier for businesses. As a business owner, keeping up with these new developments can be difficult. It can take you and your staff a long time to understand these technologies and implement them. But managed service providers eat and … Read More